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Frequent Registration questions

Why register?
You'll get access to exciting special areas of the website and other benefits.

Mono Lake Committee Members get extra features, but you do not need to be a Member to register. We have a comparison of benefits for registered Friends and Members. Plus you'll be helping us protect Mono Lake for future generations!

I'm already a Committee member, do I need to register?
Please do! Registration will allow us to link your new website account with your membership record so you get full and complete Member-level Mono Lake Website access.

I'm already a Committee member, will the Website recognize me?
That's the plan, but there are two possibilities.

  1. If your email address is already in our records then you already have an username and you'll get immediate Member-level access to the Website. Follow the steps to have your username sent to your email address.
  2. If our member records don't currently include your email address then we'll use a human-powered process to link your website account and your membership record based on your physical address. For security this happens at our Membership Desk in Lee Vining and it may take a day or two; thanks for your patience.

Will you send me email?
We send informative and interesting emails to registered users about Mono Lake and the Mono Lake Committee. You will be subscribed to receive these when you register. You can manage your email subscriptions once you are logged in, including unsubscribing.

What's your privacy policy?
You can read the full policy here. Don't worry, we won't sell or give away your email address.

I have more questions
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