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Negotiations with DWP at their apex ... we need your help! 

 I'll support the Mono Lake Committee's efforts to set the
course of Mono Basin stream restoration for generation.



For the past 20 months, the Mono Lake Committee has been engaged
in an intense collaborative process with DWP and other parties.

Our mission is to forge a binding agreement that delivers science-based restoration flows
to Rush, Lee Vining, Parker, and Walker creeks.

It's the vital step needed to recover the health of the fisheries, forests,
and wildlife habitat that once thrived near Mono Lake.

Read the Mono Lake Committee's strong response.

Monitoring Mono Lake is the essential scientific tool for measuring its ecological
health and its recovery from decades of excessive water diversions.

Mono Lake

DWP committed to monitoring Mono Lake's health more than a decade ago
and it is a condition of their water export licenses. Plus, the proposal
to eliminate the program has no basis in sound science.

The Committee's position is quite simple: since there is no scientific or legal basis for a change, DWP should continue to conduct the monitoring program without interruption.


Get the background here....

Winter & Spring 2012 Mono Lake Newsletter article

the Mono Lake Committee and California Trout's response to the proposal

the proposal to terminate limnology monitoring at Mono Lake
proposal attachment

comments opposing elimination of the monitoring program:
Dr. Robert Jellison, UCSB
Professor John Melack
Department of Fish & Game
Palos Verdes / South Bay Audubon Society



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