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Help us build a fence to protect nesting California Gulls!

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Five years of drought have lowered Mono Lake over six feet, placing one of the nation's largest California Gull colonies, home to 50,000 nesting birds, in increasing danger.

California Gulls

The lake's drop has exposed a landbridge between the mainland and Negit Island
and associated islets, which are critical nesting habitat for California Gulls.

The Mono Lake Committee, California State Parks, and the California Department of
Fish & Wildlife have determined that a temporary electric fence installed across
the emerging landbridge will best protect the nesting colony from coyotes.


The fence will be installed by April 1, 2017 to protect the gulls
as they begin building nests and laying eggs.


We need your help! Donate to the fence fund today to ensure that these
iconic Mono Lake birds can nest and raise their chicks in safety. Funds will
be used to purchase fencing materials, for installation, and for monitoring.

landbridge near Negit Island


donate today!


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